For the A-class, possessing and flaunting luxury is no longer enough to satisfy their lifestyle. Therefore, a living space worthy of today’s elite standards must have outstanding privileges. The villas at the Shantira Beach Resort & Spa project are a great choice when meeting those requirements by 4 impressive factors.

Limitation: Shantira LegaSea Villas deserves to be a luxurious property when limited to 69 villas, resonating with its extravagantly showy location of An Bang beach view together with Hoi An heritage facing.

Identity: Honoring the state of the upper class, Shantira LegaSea Villas lets its owner entitle his or her house’s name.

Butler: With the experience of operating a series of 5-star hotel chains of the investor, the butler team Shantira LegaSea Villas will bring the most attentive and dedicated service to the family.

Vacation Exchange: By owning a property in the Royal system, owners of Shantira LegaSea Villas enjoy the privilege of exchanging vacations and enjoying exclusive benefits for Royalty Membership.

Shantira LegaSea Villas – One Choice, Four Upscale Perks!

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