Update promotion policies for Shantira LegaSea Villas at the Shantira Beach Resort and Spa project at An Bang beach in April 2021

Hinh anh thuc te biet thu bien Shantira LegaSea Villas
Promotion policy update for Shantira LegaSea Villas

Sales Policy For Villas

  • Special Discount: Customers are entitled to 10% discount of Villa Sale Price.
  • Additional 2% discount for customers paying 70% of Villa Sale Price.
  • Additional 4% discount for customers paying 95% of Villa Sale Price.
  • Customers are entitled to 2% discount for the second unit.
  • Customers are entitled to 3% discount from the third unit.
  • Special Offer: A ROLEX Datejust 126331 worth 400mil vnd will be offered to buyer who buy Shantira LegaSea Villa.
  • Terms and Conditions apply

Rental Pool Program

Residential purposes or to self-manage

  • Villa owners are allowed to use the villa for residential purpose or to self-manage the rental operation and fulfill the obligation to pay a monthly villa management and maintenance fee to the developer.

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