The Latest Promotion Policies For Tower B

Update the latest promotion policy for the Shantira LegaSky Condos of the Shantira Beach Resort and Spa Project in 4th Quarter of 2021

Special Gift

This policy applies to the first 19 customers:

  • Customers will get 0.9 tael of SJC Gold for purchasing Studio type.
  • Customers will get 1.8 tael of SJC Gold for purchasing 1 Bedroom type.
  • Customers will get 2.9 tael of SJC Gold for purchasing 2 Bedrooms type.

Discount policies

  • Special discount: 6%.
  • Additional 2% discount for customers paying 70% of Condominium Contract Price.
  • Additional 3% discount for customers paying 95% of Condominium Contract Price.

The wholesale policies

Customer buys 2 units Additional 1% discount/unit
Customer buys from 3 to 5 units Additional 1.5% discount/unit
Customer buys from 6 units Additional 2% discount/unit
cap nhat chinh sach uu dai moi shantira

Rental Pool Program

  • “Rental Pool”: Customers shall be entitled to a shared net rental revenue of 45%.
  • Rental Pool period: 5 years.
  • Condominium owners are entitled to use 20 nights for free stay at the condominium.
  • Condominium owners can redeem free nights for relatives, friends, partners…
  • Condominium owners can exchange free nights with other hotels belongs to Royal Capital Group or Wyndham Hotels & Resort.

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